Charles Hogge


For the last 15 years I’ve always been ‘the guy with the camera’; I'm a passionate people-watcher, staying on the sidelines whilst capturing the most fleeting of moments - there's nothing worse than an album of identically posed photos, albeit with slightly different backdrops! 

I also love dogs, and spend much of my time looking after not just my own (Indi, a Large Munsterlander), but those of friends, family, and anyone else who needs their dog looking after!

Malton, York and beyond

I've lived in North Yorkshire on-and-off for the last 30 years (my heart has never left) - I love the towns, I love the countryside and I love the people! Whether frolicking amongst the heather on the Yorkshire Moors, chasing seagulls on the beaches or striding out across The Dales, the locations for dog photoshoots are almost endless!  And with beautiful, historical venues all across the county, the parties and events couldn't be more perfectly placed.

Surprisingly affordable

I know the fees charged by professional photographers can border on terrifying, making it impossible to consider hiring someone for all but the most special occasions - my rates are much more reasonable (and eminently negotiable!), so if you're even considering it, get in touch today.