Embellished Art

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What is Embellished Art?

Embellished Art takes your photograph to the next level.  I work with a team of hand-picked artists to turn your canvas into something truly unique.  From fantasy to abstract to comedic to classical, we'll work together to pick a style that you love - your photo will then either be printed onto a canvas and passed to an artist to embellish, or the original photo will be worked on before the final product is printed.

Either way, you'll have a one-of-a-kind artwork that's a guaranteed conversation starter.

Meet the Artists

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Dominique Duong

"I’m fascinated by the macabre, the surreal and the magical, and strive to capture that in my art. Mythology, fairy tales, nature, folklore, travelling and music are all huge influences for me, but at heart, it is storytelling that forms the core of my work."

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Chesh Eggmun

Chesh (Lenny to his friends) does a bit of everything.  Animation, tattoos, illustration, writing, to name but a few!

Sometimes, he just can't stop his brain from spewing out ideas...

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Seabomna Choe

"I think, imagine, draw and make it bloom.

Everything can flourish."


Lucy Sandford-James

Lucy's art is all about combining the abstract and the detailed, enhancing the overall experience.

"Embracing scientific knowledge about visual perception working alongside the complexity of my material, I signpost how beauty, grounded in the processing experience the viewer, is a function of the stimulus’ properties. Manipulating visual motion-processing to generate aesthetic pleasure, my methodology utilises the fluid and elastic characteristics of my paint; I pour and work the flow."